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CEO index by EGN reveals significant differences in confidence in the future economy

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While CEOs in Northern and Central Europe are most optimistic about overall economic progress, American and British CEOs are more bullish about growth in their own companies, according to a global survey.

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, March 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ -- Who better to predict economic trends than the CEOs responsible for our businesses? Individually, they are experts in their own organizations, and together they can paint an extremely accurate picture of the state of the business world.

That's why EGN, in collaboration with Vistage US and Vistage UK, has compiled a "CEO Confidence Index" based on responses from 1714 of its own CEO members.

And the results are striking. 31% of CEOs in Northern and Central Europe believe that the overall economy has improved in the past year. Only 20% of American and 17% of British CEOs share this view. The same pattern emerges when looking ahead. Here, 31% of CEOs in Northern and Central Europe believe that the overall economy will improve, but only 21% of American CEOs and 24% of British CEOs agree.

Given these figures, it is therefore surprising to see expectations for their own companies. Here, 54% of CEOs in Northern and Central Europe expect to increase turnover over the next 12 months, while a whopping 59% of American and 63% of British CEOs expect the same. The same applies to questions about profitability, investments, and the number of employees. (Read the exact figures in the attached report)

Jonatan Persson, CEO of EGN, commented on the index: "This year marks the first time EGN has contributed to this index with our Northern and Central European CEO members. Compared against American and British responses, there is now an opportunity to draw significant conclusions about the general and economic outlook, which directly impacts the lives of millions. The CEO Confidence Index has gained great recognition in the USA. Its accuracy in predictions has historically been eerily precise, and it has therefore become a fixture in The Wall Street Journal. It is our hope at EGN and Vistage to expand this index and contribute as much as possible to mapping out the future of the business world. Together, EGN and Vistage have over 45,000 members, whose collective knowledge is a unique source of insight into local and global business."

EGN is available for interviews and comments on the index.


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