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Charge Fast, Pay less: IONITY lowers Prices and Introduces Tailored Tariffs

Charge Fast, Pay less: IONITY lowers Prices and Introduces Tailored Tariffs
Charge Fast, Pay less: IONITY lowers Prices and Introduces Tailored Tariffs - IONITY
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  • High Power Charging (HPC) available from 0,26 EUR per kilowatt hour (kWh)
  • New IONITY PASSPORT MOTION and IONITY PASSPORT POWER tariffs are designed to cater flexibly to individual charging needs, especially during the upcoming travel season
  • Competitive charging prices and growing IONITY network with up to 350 kW accelerate sustainable mobility across Europe

Munich, Germany, May 27, 27 May. (News Aktuell) - .- IONITY is making High Power Charging (HPC) with up to 350 kW affordable for everyone. The leading pan-European HPC network for electric vehicles (EVs) of all brands is introducing country-specific tariffs to flexibly cater to its customers’ charging needs.

From May 28, IONITY is lowering IONITY DIRECT charging prices in 12 European countries. Additionally, IONITY introduces two new tariff plans with flexible terms tailored to customers' varying mileage. IONITY PASSPORT MOTION and IONITY PASSPORT POWER offer significant price reductions compared to ad-hoc charging. Depending on the country and the tariff, prices per kilowatt hour are available from 0,26 EUR.

With the new PASSPORT tariffs, IONITY offers tailor-made, cost-efficient, ultra-fast charging options for long-distance business and leisure trips across Europe, as well as for daily use. 

  • IONITY PASSPORT MOTION: Ideal for users driving around 150 km per month. Monthly basic fee pays off with just one charging session per month at IONITY.
  • IONITY PASSPORT POWER: Suitable for all who drive more than 300 km per month or recharge their vehicle’s batteries at IONITY around three times per month. Perfect for longer holiday or business trips as well as regular journeys.

Tariffs at a glance


Monthly Basic Fee (EUR)*

Price per kWh (EUR)*


5.99 (3.99 first month)

0.33 - 0.62


11.99 (7.99 first month)

0.26 - 0.51

Both tariffs offer flexible terms and allow IONITY customers to switch plans based on their situation and needs, for example, during the holiday season. The subscription can be booked at any time via the IONITY APP and can be terminated with just one month's notice. Customers signing up now will benefit from a discounted basic fee for the first month. Prices for each country are published transparently and accurately on the IONITY website and IONITY app.

Why choose IONITY?

  • Convenient and Accessible: 630 charging parks, 3,800 charging points, and a 24/7 multilingual hotline.
  • Ultra-Fast Charging: Up to 350 kW, providing up to 100 km of range in just four minutes depending on the charging power of the EV.
  • Green Energy: 100% certified green electricity.

 The monthly basic fee depends on the country (and local currency) in which the customer is resident. Discount in the first month applies only to the initial subscription of either the IONITY PASSPORT MOTION or IONITY PASSPORT POWER tariffs. This discount does not apply to customers who switch between IONITY PASSPORT MOTION and IONITY PASSPORT POWER. The actual price per kWh depends on the country (and local currency) where the EV is charged.


IONITY is building and operating the largest open brand High Power Charging (HPC) network along European highways. The HPC charging capacity of up to 350 kW allows maximum charging speeds. As a commitment to sustainability, IONITY sources renewable energy only for both emission-free and carbon neutral driving. In May 2024, the IONITY network counted around 630 charging stations with 3,800 HPC charging points in 24 European countries.

Founded in 2017, IONITY is a joint venture of the car manufacturers BMW Group, Ford Motor Company, Hyundai Motor Group, Mercedes Benz AG and Volkswagen Group with Audi and Porsche, along with BlackRock’s Climate Infrastructure Platform as financial investor. The company is headquartered in Munich, Germany, with additional offices in Dortmund and outside Norway's capital Oslo. IONITY is an internationally registered trademark.  For more information, please visit

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