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Cylus and HaslerRail Partner to Provide a Comprehensive Railway Cybersecurity Solution for ERTMS Systems

Partnership between global leaders in rail cybersecurity and on-board electronics combines threat detection and visibility into ERTMS systems, seamlessly securing train control

TEL AVIV, Israel and BERN, Switzerland, Sept. 21, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Cylus, the global leader in rail cybersecurity, today announced its partnership with HaslerRail, the market-leading supplier of on-board electronics and rail data management solutions, to provide a comprehensive solution for the unique cybersecurity challenges train operators are facing in their ERTMS systems.

The rail industry has increasingly adopted automated, wireless, and connected technologies, making rail systems more efficient, comfortable, safe, and effective than ever before. However, these transformations come at a cost - a dramatically enlarged cyber-attack surface increasingly exposing rail operations environments to malicious actors. Without proper cybersecurity, rail hacks have the potential to threaten service availability and safety, and/or cause severe economic and reputational damage.

HaslerRail's EVA+ Rail Data Management system together with the CylusOne™ rail cybersecurity solution provides a multi-functional platform that bridges the gap between cybersecurity and rail operations. EVA+ harnesses the power of TELOC Event Recorders and Energy data to provide valuable insights into train activity, gathering data ranging from speed and distance to the use of brakes and emergency brake systems, wheel slip and slide protection system activation, and more. CylusOne identifies anomalies in rail operational network communications and asset behavior as well as ETCS vulnerabilities, catching cyber-attacks at an early stage – thus preventing incidents before they occur.

Combining the power of the HaslerRail's TELOC platform with EVA+ and the CylusOne cybersecurity platform, this joint solution secures onboard ETCS while requiring zero changes to the system. With visibility that can expand to protect additional onboard and trackside systems, the collaborative solution will allow for full network visualization into the ERTMS network, offering a unique view into all rail assets facilitating challenging asset management tasks for onboard assets.

"We are excited to partner with HaslerRail, a leading supplier of innovative on-board electronics, sensors, displays, software, and data management solutions for rail, to help bridge the gap between cybersecurity and rail operation," said Amir Levintal, CEO at Cylus. "This collaboration will allow for full visualization and asset management in railway systems to provide the best protection possible for trains and metros worldwide."

The collaborative solution is fully software based and can be deployed in a matter of days. All of the major ETCS baselines and versions are supported by the solution, making it possible to protect lines that are transitioning from one ETCS baseline to another. The solution will improve onboard cybersecurity capabilities for ETCS without requiring additional hardware or modification to trains, train commissioning activities, or safety impacts. HaslerRail's EVA+ powered by CylusOne supports TS 50701 standards compliance, providing unmatched ETCS threat detection powered by anomaly detection and deep packet inspection.

"Our partnership with Cylus will ensure the safety and security of rail by providing a comprehensive solution to the key cybersecurity challenges within the ERTMS system facing train operators," said Dr. Diego Politano, Managing Director of HaslerRail. "We are pleased to work with Cylus to strengthen rail cybersecurity and provide increased protection to our global customers. In today's world of hybrid cyber-threats, any increase in cybersecurity in critical infrastructure is a step in the right direction. The solutions we bring continue to increase the safety of passengers and thus protect the values of our society."

About Cylus

Cylus is the global leader in rail cybersecurity, delivering advanced solutions to protect mainline and urban railway and metro companies from a wide array of threats and risks. Leading rail companies and operators use CylusOne™ to prevent safety incidents and service disruptions caused by cybersecurity events, without requiring any modifications to the network. With an unparalleled IP portfolio, Cylus has established itself as the pioneer and leading provider of rail cybersecurity worldwide.

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About HaslerRail

HaslerRail products have been in use on railway networks around the world for more than 125 years and has a proven track record in providing high quality solutions and services to the rail industry. It offers a comprehensive range of on-board electronics for the rolling stock such as speed sensing and odometry, visualization solutions and speed indicators, energy metering, control and protection solutions, train communication, data acquisition and recording solutions, and train data analytics services.

HaslerRail solutions such as the TELOC data recorder and the Pixy HMI are built on a modular architecture cover a range of functions that can be tailored to satisfy a broad range of needs, including those of main-line locos, high-speed trains, urban and suburban units, metro cars and mountain railways.

EVA+ customers include both passenger and freight operators and is used in countries including Australia, Canada, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and others around the globe.

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