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"Putting people at the heart of your growth strategy is the only way to unleash the true potential of your business and create sustainable growth for all." André Lacroix

LONDON, Oct. 25, 2022 /PRNewswire/ -- Global Chief Executive André Lacroix today launches his book, Leadership with Soul, challenging conventional leadership thinking and inviting existing and future leaders to stop, think and reinvent their approach to become ever-better leaders.

In Leadership with Soul, Lacroix reveals his model for business success, built over more than three decades with world leading organisations such as Ernst & Young, PepsiCo, Burger King, Euro Disney, Inchcape, Reckitt Benckiser and Intertek. Lacroix attributes his success to taking an empathetic, humanist approach to driving sustainable growth and value for all: customers, employees, shareholders, communities and society as a whole.

With a Gallup survey showing that 80% of the global workforce is disengaged, every day 2.8 billion individuals go to their workplace without passion and excitement about their day ahead, a shocking statistic that shows how people truly feel today at work. Lacroix asserts that too many companies are over-managed and under-led, with damaging knock-on effects for employee morale, productivity and performance.

Through a combination of real-life anecdotes and vivid storytelling, Lacroix brings his 10 leadership principles to life in inspiring fashion, providing readers with the tools to think differently about leadership and urging them to trust, empower and galvanise their people, putting them at the heart of their growth strategy, which, Lacroix argues, is the only way to deliver sustainable growth and value for all stakeholders.

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Endorsements for Leadership with Soul

Jill Ader, Global Chairwoman, Egon Zehnder: "His book is a masterpiece of relevant advice to top leaders at a time when all leaders need to learn anew and reinvent themselves in order to reinvent their organisations."

Adrian Bellamy, former director at Reckitt Benckiser (C), Gucci (C), Gap, Williams-Sonoma (C) and Starbucks: "In this very readable book, André shares his deep insight into leadership that links people with the mission of our organisations. André's experience and research confirms the wisdom of building an effective organisation whose people feel the power of the organisation's SOUL... and thereby greatly enhance their own effectiveness."

Paul M.F. Cheng (a.k.a Zheng Mingxun) former Chairman of Inchcape Pacific, Link Real Estate Investment Trust, and N.M. Rothschild (Hong Kong) Ltd: "André Lacroix, with his leadership building block of 10 principles developed over his decades of experience as a corporate leader, will encourage you to become a more inspirational and inclusive leader, putting employees – the hidden heroes – at the heart of your growth strategy."

Gurnek Bains, author of Meaning Inc and Managing Partner of the leadership consulting firm, Global Future Partners: "This work is a tour de force by a deeply experienced CEO on how leaders can engage the human agenda in business authentically and seriously."

Prof. Frank Bournois, Executive President & Dean, ESCP Business School: "As an inspiring leader, André Lacroix has formalised his numerous experiences into a very educational leadership model for business school students and all those who have to lead strategic transformation. Glad to see on the market such a concentration of practical leadership thinking."

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