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nShift: Four steps toward sustainable shipping

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nShift to launch Emissions Tracker, giving retailers and warehouses accurate data on current emissions levels

LONDON, Oct. 18, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Some four out of five shoppers claim to buy from brands with a positive approach to the environment[1] . Now more than ever, retailers must make shopping as sustainable as possible. When it comes to ecommerce and omnichannel retail, this includes the way that parcels are shipped to the consumer.

nShift, the global leader in parcel delivery management software, has set out four steps to forming a more sustainable shipping strategy.

  • Step 1: measure your emissions any attempts to lower emissions must be informed by real data. Before deciding how to go about becoming more sustainable, retailers and warehouses must have a clear handle on the status quo. This means obtaining an accurate read on current emissions across the business
  • Step 2: create emissions-reduction strategies once they are aware of their current level of emissions, retailers can set a clear reduction target. Ideas to meet that target could include offering a more sustainable range of delivery options at checkout
  • Step 3: review progress and adapt as necessary it's crucial to check that strategies are delivering. Continuing to measure emissions provides evidence that plans are working. Where they are not, retailers can take stock of what is going wrong and evolve their strategies
  • Step 4: share the success as the strategies begin to bear fruit, retailers can share the good news with their customers. Real data on emissions reductions will prove to customers that the retailer shares their values

Mattias Gredenhag, CTO at nShift said: "Today's shoppers aren't the only ones who want to see businesses become more sustainable. Regulators are also keeping close tabs on emissions across the retail industry. Obtaining real and reliable data on emissions levels is at the heart of positive change and managing increasingly complex reporting requirements. Without such information, retailers cannot assess whether their strategies are making a meaningful impact or demonstrate their progress to customers."

Later this year, nShift will launch Emissions Tracker, which will help ecommerce companies and warehouses calculate, record, and analyze greenhouse gas emissions for every shipment. It enables companies to comply with environmental reporting requirements and helps them pinpoint opportunities for emissions reduction.

By tracking emissions at the shipment level, nShift Emissions Tracker provides accurate information that conform to industry standards. Insights are easily available through a single portal, eliminating the need to access multiple systems and reports from different carriers. The solution enables businesses to make data-driven decisions about their sustainability practices, and more easily demonstrate their improvements to stakeholders and customers.

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About nShift

nShift is the global leading provider of cloud delivery management solutions enabling frictionless shipment and return of almost one billion shipments across 190 countries annually. nShift's software is used globally by ecommerce, retail, manufacturing and 3PL shippers. The company is headquartered in London and Oslo. It has over 500 employees across offices in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, United Kingdom, Poland, the Netherlands, Belgium, and Romania.



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