Publicado 07/06/2024 13:22

PRESSRELEASE Alexander Zverev

(Información remitida por la empresa firmante)

 Berlin, 7 junes (News Aktuell).-

As lawyers for Alexander Zverev, we declare on behalf of our client that the criminal proceedings under file number 250 Cs 184/23 have been dropped:

The criminal proceedings against Alexander Zverev were dropped and the case was terminated today by the court with the consent of the public prosecutor's office, Ms. Brenda Patea as joint plaintiff and Alexander Zverev's defence lawyer.  The penalty order is now groundless.

Alexander Zverev has agreed to this discontinuation via his defense lawyer, solely in order to shorten the proceedings - above all in the interests of their child. Alexander Zverev is considered innocent. The dismissal does not constitute a finding of guilt or an admission of guilt. The legal presumption of innocence remains unaffected.

Dr. Anna Sophie Heuchemer (Schertz Bergmann Attorneys at law)     

Katharina Dierlamm (Dierlamm Attorneys at law)                 


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