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Roger Waters: Antisemitism is odious, and I condemn it

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Statement by Roger Waters on antisemitism, his criticism of the Israeli government and freedom of speech

London (News Aktuell). Statement by Mr George Roger Waters dated 16.03.2023:

My lawyers are taking steps to ensure that my concerts in Munich and Frankfurt in May 2023 take place as contracted. Human rights and freedom of speech for all peoples under German law must prevail, which is why Im taking this stance to ensure the will of the few will not prevent me from performing in Frankfurt and Munich.

I am taking the unprecedented step of appealing to the law to protect me from the unconstitutional actions of two authorities which seem to rely upon the fundamentallyfalse accusation that has been made against me;namely that I am antisemitic.

I want to state for the record and once and for all that I am not and never have been antisemitic and nothing that anyone can say or publish will alter that. My well-publicized views relate entirely to the policies and actions of the Israeli government and not with the peoples of Israel. Antisemitism is odious and racist, and I condemn it, along with all forms of racism unreservedly.

I am not going to and do not need to keep making my position clear on this issue. I am confident that truth and the law will prevail and that these authorities will not succeed in denying any of my basic human rights.


Mark Fenwick Management London

on behalf of Mr George Roger Waters

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