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Roger Waters fights back

(Información remitida por la empresa firmante)

- Roger Waters defends freedom of speech and takes legal action against proposed concert cancellations in Frankfurt and Munich

news aktuell // London. In February 2023, the Hessian State Government and then the Magistrate of the City of Frankfurt announced their extraordinary and prejudicial intention to cancel a concert scheduled to be performed by Roger Waters at the Festhalle in Frankfurt on 28 May. On 28 February 2023, a motion was introduced in the Munich City Council to cancel the concert scheduled for 21 May 2023, in the Munich Olympiahalle. These actions are unconstitutional, without justification, and based upon the false accusation that Roger Waters is antisemitic, which he is not.

As a result of this unilateral, politically motivated action, Mr Waters has instructed his lawyers to immediately take all necessary steps to overturn this unjustifiable decision to ensure that his fundamental human right of freedom of speech is protected and that all of those who wish to see him perform, are free to do so in Frankfurt, Munich and in any other city in any other country.

Mr Waters believes that if this blatant attempt to silence him is left unchallenged it could have serious, far-reaching consequences for artists and activists all over the world.


Mark Fenwick Management - London

on behalf of Mr George Roger Waters

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